Problem Statement:

Client wants to ensure that sellers on their platform adheres to guidelines set by them for catalogue building in order to ensure great experience for end consumers.

They requested the following:

  • Build the mechanism using which sellers can upload their catalog details.
  • Perform 3C (completeness, correctness and compliance) checks on the uploaded catalogs.
    Rate catalogs as per 3C analysis.
  • Produce summarized and detailed report of analysis to help sellers with catalog enrichment


Methodology and Approach

Netscribes took the following approach to meet the client’s requirements:

Web app: Netscribes built a web based portal for sellers to upload their product catalog details. Following are key objectives of the app.

  • Provide log-in functionality for sellers authorized by client.
  • Sellers to have intuitive and user friendly interface to upload catalog information.
  • Dashboards to provide summarized and detailed insights on the catalog to sellers.
  • Dashboard for client team to see grading of sellers based on quality of catalogs.
  • 3C rule engine: Netscribes has built a proprietary rule engine based on deep learning algorithm to automate 3C check process. Over 1,00,000 SKU’s can be processed per day for 3C checks.
  • Reporting: Following are reports that are built based on outcome of 3C checks.
  • Summary report for seller to show summary of 3C for all SKUs.
  • Detailed reports for sellers which lists issues identified against each SKU. Each SKU also gets score based on 3C performance.
  • Seller Grading for client. This report allocates grades to sellers as per their overall adherence to 3C.



  • Client has a automated mechanism to ensure that guidelines for product catalogs are adhered.
  • Client receives summary report for all sellers with grading allocated based on their product catalogs.
  • Sellers receives tangible feedback on catalog for enrichment.
  • With proper catalog enrichment, end user experience is enhanced resulting in loyal consumer base.


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