Objective and Challenges:

Client is promoting products in the gaming industry via influencers. Approximately over 1000 influencers are promoting products via social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, twitch). Clients need to monitor promotions on social media posts and live streaming where influencers are playing games. Average streaming duration is up to 6 hrs. and sometimes it goes up to 24 hrs. and more. On a weekly basis these need to be done for all influencer posts and streaming. Analyzing these streaming videos manually is cumbersome.

Seeking to streamline their data extraction techniques and reporting process and cut down the time it took to get actionable business insights, a US-based gaming and energy drink manufacturer was looking for a suitable solution provider.

The company was facing issues with outdated data, inconsistent KPIs and dimensions, and a fragmented, multi-platform codebase among a host of other challenges.

They approached Netscribes for a comprehensive and sustainable solution, to which we designed and developed a single source of truth of data through robust data extraction techniques. The entire ETL process along with a reporting process was fully automated with no manual intervention.

Uncover how the company experienced a 95% decrease in their data extraction and reporting process turnaround time, a 100% increase in the accuracy of key performance indicators, and a quicker transition from data to insights, thanks to a standardized data warehouse setup and other enhancements.


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